Number porting

Enjoy all the benefits of faxtastic! AND keep your existing fax number – brilliant!

It may be possible to port your existing fax number across to faxtastic! This means that your current fax number will be hosted by us and you will still only pay £45 per annum.

The process is simple:

  1. Please enter your details below and, if it is possible to port your number, we will send you an addition form which you will need to complete and print off with your letterhead before returning to us. If successful, a fax number transfer typically takes under 2 weeks to complete.
  2. We charge a one off administration fee of £45 + VAT to start the porting process. Please note that this administration fee is non-refundable if the port is unsuccessful. Your existing telecoms provider may refuse to port your number to us, particularly if it is part of a range of DDI’s held by BT.
  3. As soon as your number is ported your number will be running on faxtastic! and all your faxes will be delivered straight to your inbox (as well as being stored on your Control Panel). Your PayPoint account will be debited with £45 + VAT which covers the next 12 months of paper-free faxing.

Porting Request Form

Please complete this form as fully as possible. Accuracy is very important if the request is to be successful. Once received, we will contact you directly to proceed. There is no committment at this stage.

Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Telephone
The BT/Other telco account number (with BT this will be two letters followed by eight numbers)
Name on the BT/Other Telco bill
The Address on BT/Other Telco bill
Address the number is at (if different)
The main number on the bill
All other numbers listed on the BT/Other Telco bill
Is the number part of a range of DDIs?
Confirm the number to be ported
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