How it works

Throw out your fax machine!
Use your email account to send and receive faxes.

faxtastic! allows you to replace your fax machine with your email account. Send and receive faxes as easily as you send and receive emails.
Better still, you can get your faxes wherever you can access your email.

Go green!

No need for a fax machine or environmentally unfriendly toner. No more wasting reams and reams of expensive paper and save on electricity too, with our online fax solution.

Receiving faxes*

Sign up today and use your new fax number straight away. Faxes will be delivered to your email address (or addresses) and will also be stored in your Control Panel for 90 days.

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Mail to Fax (sending faxes)* 

With faxtastic!, you send your faxes as email attachments. Just compose an email, attach the fax, and send it to destination_fax_number^ and we'll deliver it to the destination fax machine. You get a confirmation via email and a record of the faxes you send can be viewed from your Control Panel at any time. For outbound sending you can authorise as many email addresses as you wish - your whole company if you like.
^ Note: destination_fax_number is the number of the fax machine you are sending to, please see FAQs for a more detailed explaination on sending faxes.

When sending it's best to use pdf or plain text.

Try it out by sending your fax to - we will email you straight back with exactly what will arrive on the recipients fax machine.

Attachment support

When sending you can attach files in the following formats:
Plain Text
Portable Document Format (PDF)
. We'll do all the conversion for you.

New attachment formats supported!

We're delighted to announce that the following attachment formats are now supported - but only if you use the following address format: destination_fax_number^ and not the standard one above:

Microsoft Word:.doc, .docx
Microsoft Excel:  .xls, .xlsx
Microsoft Powerpoint:  .ppt, .pptx

We still advise you send faxes in .pdf format in order to ensure that what's sent and what's received are identical in format as, owing to things like matching fonts, we cannot guarantee identical formatting with these newly supported file types.

Paying for sending

You pre-purchase credits on this site, so it's just like a mobile phone pay-as-you-go system.

Credits never expire and you are not obliged to purchase a set amount each month.

See our credits per page sending rates page for a full explaination.

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If we haven't answered your question here, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Number porting

It may be possible to port your existing fax number to faxtastic! Please click here for full details.

* Note: Please see our FAQs for a more detailed explaination on sending and receiving faxes.

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