Only 1 credit per page when sending to UK, USA and Europe

Sending rates

Send your faxes all around the world

The table below shows our current 'rate per page'. We normally charge by the page, not call duration*. The standard rate in the UK for geographic numbers is one credit per page. This rate varies for other destinations, as shown below.

* 1. Faxes taking more than a minute per page, to transmit, will be charged on a per minute basis.
  2. If a fax fails, other than a busy tone, it will not be retried. Additionally, the sender may get charged a per-minute charge.


Credits are sold as follows:
(Prices exclude VAT)
100 Credits
10p per credit
250 Credits
8p per credit
500 Credits
6p per credit
1000 Credits
5p per credit


Credits never expire and you are under no obligation to purchase credits on a subscription basis.
You can purchase credits during sign-up or via your control panel at any time on this web site.

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